The new datacenter is up, running, and 100% operational. We’ve already begun to migrate clients to it and are receiving very positive feedback related to performance. We have also implemented SOC (Security Operations Center) services to the new datacenter for all clients that have migrated their services to our new datacenter. Some of the Key features of this additional layer of security are:

  • Anomalous command, process and traffic detection

    • Through machine learning, this additional layer will learn what is a normal traffic pattern for your network. Any anomalies detected will trigger a notification allowing you to be proactive.
  • Breach analytics

    • The Breach Detection System (BDS) offers rapid identification of any suspicious behavior on the network through its’ full-featured web portal. This allows its users to search through the events and drill-down on specific activities.
  • Domain name service (DNS) tunnel, exploit and malware detection

    • Your DNS records are like a phone book for your server’s database. Hackers learned that they can secretly plant commands and data in the DNS records, which has become known as DNS Tunneling. Once hackers do this, they can easily place malware, software designed to damage or disrupt access to a computer, on your computer or steal your data. Now this additional layer of security can detect even these types of actions.
  • File sandboxing

    • Sandboxing is an additional step to ensure your networks safety. It takes specific applications from your systems resources and requires additional permission to be granted by the system to allow access.
  • Network traffic analytics

    • The network traffic analytics is how this extra layer of security is able to provide you all these additional features. These analytics intercept, record, and analyze your communication patterns in order to put you in the driver’s seat of your network!

This quarter we will also be adding “Out of Region” Backups to our offerings for anyone that wants or needs to have their backup data stored completely out of the Northeast Region.