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What is a Phishing Attack

Phishing attacks have become increasingly popular as technology and hackers are advancing. They are emails that are designed to lure readers into clicking links, downloading attachments, or entering personal information by looking as if they came from a legitimate company and/or person. These links or attachments are laden with viruses and malware which can cause people to lose valuable information, time, and money. The best defense against these cyber-criminals is education. Simulations such as what we offer can break bad habits and create best practices to engage your employees in cyber security.

What the Simulation Looks Like

A three-month minimum phishing assessment consisting of at least one “cast”, or email, per week. This allows the system to send out emails periodically, so users will receive them on different days and at various times. The benefit of this is that users will experience multiple phishing encounters per month with varying difficulties and topics. Other than the main contact we coordinate this with, no one will be aware of these emails being sent out. This will let us gather actual results, allowing us to set goals moving forward to reduce the number of clicks. Nearing the end of the simulation, computer-based training (CBT), and an accompanying test to verify the users understanding is recommended. Click here to learn more about out CBT. (link to our CBT information page)

The Phishing Results

A detailed results report is offered to our client. We can narrow it down to the exact user who has clicked the link within the email, replied to the email, entered in credentials to a fake form, and more. A risk report can be ran if a user clicks a phishing email to see if important information may be leaked or it may be redirected to a page with cues on how to spot a phishing email in the future- this is the customers choice.

The Benefits

  • Up-to-date phishing content and email templates always offered
  • Employees learning in an engaging way how easy it is to be misled through technology
  • A first phishing assessment may be ran, followed by our CBT course, then a second assessment conducted to show improvement

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