Project Description

Wi-Fi Networks

Over 20 years, Integrated Systems have become experts in the design, installation and servicing of indoor and outdoor wireless (Wi-Fi) networks. Our Wi-Fi engineering team will assess your property and building(s) to recommend a comprehensive solution scaled for both current needs and projected growth. Members of the Integrated Systems’ technical staff have years of experience deploying the leading Wi-Fi equipment systems on the market, and hold manufacturer certifications for installation, maintenance and wireless LAN security configuration.

Integrated Systems partners with multiple leading manufacturers of Wi-Fi equipment, providing the flexibility for our designers to recommend the best system for your needs. The latest generations of this technology deliver up to gigabit per second data rates, ensuring that your network will successfully handle extremely demanding applications such as HD video, multimedia streaming and rapid file transfer.

Integrated Systems provides a complete suite of Wi-Fi services:

  • Site survey and ‘heat’ maps
  • Installation of access points
  • Installation of physical enclosures (physical security)
  • Deployment of antennas
  • Connection of antennas to access points
  • Connection of Backbone LAN to access points
  • Connection of power to access points
  • Installation and connection of remote power system
  • Verification of coverage
  • Centralized or cloud-based Network Management System (NMS) options

Integrated Systems provides assistance with grant writing, and is an approved vendor on the New York State OGS Information Technology contract.

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