Project Description

Network security – the risks

All of the online data that you read, send or receive carries a risk. The Internet, e-mail, chatting, social media and Wi-Fi connections are standard in today’s workplace. As a result, network security and usage concerns are now bigger than ever for all businesses. Firewalls, passwords and encryption alone can’t protect you. There are several steps you need to take to be truly protected – Integrated System can help secure your data and your business.

Network security – Integrated Systems protects businesses in the Northeast

Increasingly, businesses are being disrupted by computer viruses – new and more sophisticated viruses appear every day. Once a virus has attacked, you lose precious hours trying to recover data, if at all possible. These down times can cost a business dearly.

The only way to prevent an attack is a combination of correctly configured and regularly updated anti-virus software, properly configured and regularly maintained computers, putting a firewall in place, and implementing and adhering to a “safe computing” policy for all employees at your place of work. As part of our IT Network Security agreements, Integrated Systems ensures that your computer network is properly protected against hackers and viruses and always keeping up with best practices.

Safeguard your assets, funds and data

Integrated Systems can put systems in place to ensure that your business is protected. Our IT security team works with organizations to ensure that their security arrangements are adequate and any risks are identified, prioritized and acted upon swiftly – being preemptive and proactive. We offer web and email filtering that stops spam, viruses, pop-ups and Internet-born pests.

With Integrated Systems, you will benefit from these Network Security practices:

  • A preemptive, proactive, flexible security strategy, specifically designed for your business.
  • Visibility of your security policies at an enterprise level.
  • Compliance with internal, external and legal security frameworks.
  • Ability to report on progress and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Reduced cost and risk across the organization.
  • A winning combination of next generation hardware, software, firewalls, monitoring tools and policies.

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