Threat Assessment and Management (TAM) Consultant Training Program

As a part of our on-going security approach to protect communities, Integrated Systems is proud to offer our TAM Consultant Training Program. The program educates stakeholders on assessment, intervention, and case management concepts when it comes to concerns that an individual is at risk for a targeted violent attack. In addition, the training emphasizes an integrated team approach to prevent acts of violence occurring in the given organization or workplace.

TAM Consulting Growth

TAM, as an accepted preventative approach to targeted violence, has seen significant growth over the past 30 years. For instance agencies such as the United States Secret Service, the United States Department of Education, the National Association of Attorney Generals, the National Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the United States Department of Justice have now endorsed TAM philosophies and protocols.

Who Could Benefit from TAM Consulting?

Integrated Systems’ TAM Consulting brings multidisciplinary professionals together to create safer communities, schools, workplaces, and more.

  • Colleges
  • Public Schools K-12
  • Private Schools K-12
  • Offices
  • Sheriff/ Town Police Departments
  • City Mayors/ City Managers

Who Provides the TAM Consulting?

We offer our TAM Consultant Training Program in cooperation with Roberts Wesleyan College’s Justice & Security Institute (JSI).¬† The threat assessment training offered through the JSI focuses on delivering an actionable prevention-based model to reduce the risk of an active shooter incident in public places, schools, and businesses.

Some of the Main Takeaways from TAM Consulting:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of workplace threat assessment and management
  • Recognizing and identifying inhibitors to targeted violence
  • Recognizing mental health coping mechanisms and risk factors
  • Discussions of the impact the internet and social media has
  • Legal considerations: HIPPA, FERPA, and Civil Liberties
  • Pairs well with our physical security offerings to make environments safer


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