Integrated Systems is proud to announce our latest addition to our Hosted Environment, Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral.

What is Avaya Cloud Office

Avaya Cloud Office is a hosted application that allows the user to combine their communication tools. Meaning, all communication you usually do such as emailing, talking on the phone, texting, video conferencing, instant messaging, and more, can all be completed now in one place. In turn, making communication efficient and intuitive by saving you time.

In a single place the user can chat with colleagues, make and receive calls, plan and join meetings, and collaborate with screen sharing and video. Keep your teams on-task with file sharing, task management and virtual team rooms that lets everyone share and stay up to date – on any device, anywhere.

No More Worrying About Updates

Do all these features sound like it might be a lot to handle? That is the beauty of the hosted environment – we take care of everything for you, saving you endless time and hassle!

We will keep your solution updated and secure with all the latest releases, meaning you do not have to do a thing. Staying on top of each update is important; it makes sure your solution is the most secure that it can be at all times.

Less Cost, For More Features

It is true… this hosted communications platform really can streamline and lower your payments. Not only do you not have to pay for phone lines, but you do not have to worry about yearly price increases from phone companies. You have one concise monthly payment that covers all communication aspects. That means you no longer have to pay for other services such as UberConference or Skype. All your platforms will be combined into one.

Not only is the platform packed full of features, but it also can be integrated with almost all your applications you use each day. 100+ applications such as Google G-Suite, Salesforce, and Oracle can all be combined into this one platform to give you a seamless transition between your applications throughout the day. Avaya Cloud Office Solution is simple, intuitive, fast, and can streamline your payments, which lowers the cost for you. Reach out to our office if you have any questions or would like to learn more today! Our email is, and our number is (585) 924-8670.