Radio frequency identification – or RFID cards – have become a threat to our security.

Many businesses, college dorms, and apartment buildings have turned to using access cards as another layer to their physical security when it comes to the front doors, or the gateways to all of our buildings. However, hackers have found ways to circumvent this barrier as well.

In the somewhat alarming but very intriguing video that Tech Insider uploaded to YouTube that features RedTeam Security, we can see how easy it is for them to simulate a cyber and physical break-in.

One crucial step in the break-in process, was them cloning security badges from employees.

In all actuality, it was relatively easy for them to do. All they needed to do was buy a RFID cloning device off eBay for an inexpensive price. Once they got within three feet of an employee, their RFID disguised scanner was able to copy the encryptions from that employee’s badge. Then, within seconds, they were able to transfer that data to their own fake badges (which they also were able to buy from eBay) and BAM, instant access to anything with that employees credentials.

Business Insider provides a great inside look at the break-in that RedTeam conducted.

The main goal of RedTeam showing off their work is to let others know about how easy it can be to take your information – if you don’t have the right tools in place. They want to educate users on cyber and physical security.

Integrated Systems offers the newly updated remote access card readers, security installations, and monitoring. These new cards and scanners have extra layers of protection, which make it nearly impossible to duplicate the data on them.

Updating your security systems and products is important. Equally important is educating yourself and your team on easy steps to safety.