There was a time when an organization’s IT resources were predominantly allocated to growing and maintaining their hardware and software investments to maintain pace with the growth and functionality of their IT needs. Unfortunately, in today’s interconnected IT environment, bad actors have shifted many organization’s resource investments to securing and protecting access to the data and systems that run their everyday business.

The convenience of accessing our data and resources from anywhere and everywhere in the world has created flexibility in our work environments, but also carries some very real exposures to theft and damage to our IT systems and data. Many times, businesses overlook the proactive investment required to protect their IT assets from the bad actors that prey on weak defenses against their tricks and constant digital harassment.

This harassment has become so common place, that many small to medium size businesses find that they do not have the resources to proactively guard and protect their data. For this reason, many businesses and organizations are looking to IT service providers for the resources required to proactively secure and protect their data and software in a managed data center. This approach provides all the necessary hardware, redundancy and professional services required to minimize the exposure posed by the constantly changing methods used to prey on unmanaged and neglected resources accessed through the Internet.

Often, these resources are provided at one monthly price and can be easily scaled as the client’s resource needs change.  For these reasons, and many others, it often makes sense for more businesses and organizations to consider moving their data and software to a 24/7 managed CLOUD based Data Center.