Please click here for the BridgeWave Press Release

Integrated Systems, a full service provider of wireless infrastructure, security and information technology systems, was recently featured in a press release by BridgeWave Communications.

BridgeWave recognized Integrated Systems for exceptional success in solving high-bandwidth networking challenges for multiple city, county and state government agencies across New York State.  For each of these entities, Integrated Systems deployed one or more BridgeWave microwave radio links to reliably deliver 1GB or better transport speeds between locations in the customer’s metropolitan-area network (MAN).

“We are thrilled that BridgeWave chose to spotlight our partnership in its publicity activities,” said Mark Hamilton, president of Integrated Systems. “BridgeWave 80GHz and 60GHz radios enable us to cost-effectively build secure, high bandwidth network links for customers across New York.”

Click here for the BridgeWave press release.