Whether you are looking for traditional transfer degrees or hi-tech, career focused programs, you can find it at Finger Lake Community College’s (FLCC)’ Victor Campus Center. At this state-of-the-art facility, you’ll be able to complete nearly your entire degree program in one convenient location.

“This campus will be very convenient for people all along the Thruway corridor,” said Barbara Risser, FLCC President. “We’re also really excited to be right in the middle of the high-tech corridor there. It will be a nice addition to what we’re trying to do as a college.”

The emerging technology program was developed with the input of nearby tech and manufacturing companies so that students will graduate with the skills to fill openings there, Risser said.

“We heard from our partners that they have high-paying jobs available but no one with the skills for the jobs,” Risser said. “We had community meetings and got an advisory group together and said, ‘Let’s bore down into what we can do to solve the problem.”

“I’m envisioning this as an innovation factory where we want students to go out and innovate and be prepared for whatever emerges,” said Prashanta Samanta, physics professor at FLCC and chairman of the department of science and technology. “Often we don’t know what would come about a few years from now, and we want students to be thriving rather than stymied when they see that change.”

The campus has 111 new computers and five classrooms with smartboards and document cameras. Like the main campus in Canandaigua, it has wireless Internet access throughout the facility.
The campus will also have a 3-D printer that takes information from a computer design and builds a plastic model for students to use as a prototype of their work.

Integrated Systems contributed $25,000 to the construction of the new campus, plus consulting work on security systems. Mark Hamilton, president of Integrated Systems, is a Foundation Board member, a Victor Campus Advisory Committee member and an adjunct professor. The certification lab at the new Victor campus will be named after the company.