Project Description

Point-to-Point Fixed Wireless Networking

Integrated Systems are the experts in building wireless point-to-point (PtP) solutions to create secure, reliable connections between locations in your campus or metropolitan-area network. A fixed wireless PtP system will provide a high-bandwidth bridge or network backhaul link where:

  • Fiber is unavailable
  • Fiber is too costly
  • Fiber takes too long to deploy
  • Business continuity demands diversity and redundancy for 100% availability

Integrated Systems works with established fixed wireless equipment partners, and will recommend the advanced, ‘carrier-class’ solution that most cost-effectively satisfies your application requirements for:

  • High throughput (from 100Mbps to 10Gbps!)
  • Link distance (10+ miles)
  • Reliability (99.999% uptime or better)
  • Low latency
  • Frequency availability (6GHz to 80GHz)
  • Security (FCC licensing)

Integrated Systems leverages decades of wireless experience to provide a complete suite of RF consulting, design, construction and support services, including tower construction. We have successfully completed projects for state and county agencies, municipalities and private enterprises across New York and surrounding states. Applications include:

  • Network extension to remote facilities
  • Public safety communications backbone
  • Video recording and surveillance image backhaul

Integrated Systems provides assistance with grant writing, and is an approved vendor on the New York State OGS Information Technology contract.

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